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Ivone Paixão



My name is Ivone Paixao. I am a massotherapist, an aesthetics professional with over seven years of experience. I plan to use this site to write about news on massages, Lymphatic Drainage for surgery, physical treatments, facials and the most up- to-date news  about aesthetic.



Provide aesthetic services with quality, reliability and punctuality. aesthetic services innovative, effective and safe .


Broaden, diversify and enhance the aesthetic treatments.

Values, ethics and safety.


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Good massage...

Thank you  Ivonne!!!




have been doing lymphatic massage with Ivone for a long time and I cant leave without!
I feel much better, lighter  and less bloated as soon as the massage ends. My body changed and
I see the benefits. Im really happy with the results.


Yvonne's massages are unique! After the first time she treats you for a cellulite therapy your skin shows great improvement, healthier and smoother and you will find yourself with less fat centimeters since that first session while your metabolism accelerates.
Her promise to a good massage doesn't have limitations; Yvonne has treated with a special massage my varicose veins. She works around your needs.
 And, the most important part of it is her personal caring attention, always apprehensive to any of your needs.
 I highly recommend Yvonne if you are looking for a professional massage even better than those that are announced in New York City.
 If you love beauty and taking care of your skin and body, look for Yvonne.



I started doing massotherapy with Ivone 4 years ago. It has been a life change for me. It helps me relax, re-energizes and revitalizes my body and consequently, my mind. 

I absolutely love it. Thanks Ivone for being so wonderful!!!!



Treatment by Ivone Paixao,
my massage therapist in New York City.


 I started being treatment by Ivone 4 years ago and I am glad I did it..  At that time a friend of mine told me about Ivone and how her body had changed  after the massages she was having w/ Ivone.  I used to have this big belle that really did no t belong to me. I look very pregn ant and a  my age at that time (almost 60) it did not  look right.
 I remember as soon as I had the first sections of massages by Ivone  one day I notice that  I lost a lot of water (I almost ruin my sofa). I did not understand  the reaction that was happening to my body and when I told Ivone she  explain that the massage had dissolved toxins in form of this water  that I lost that day. I still remember that sensation without  understanding quite well what had happened.
 It is amazing the difference of my body today and how much healthier I feel.  Ivone does treat also my circulation problems in both of my legs. I used to  have very much pain in my veins, now I don't have them anymore.  However the fact is that I go every week religiously for one hour and she does  the lymphatic massage that helps me immensely.  I realized that results depend on persistence and I am persistent.  She also treats my cellulites, my legs and arms look much better now  than before. The skin is smoother without the lumps and bumps.  She is a very knowledgeable professional, always studying her subject  matters all the time.  She advises me not to skip my massages and if I am traveling I always  look for a massage therapist not to damage the treatment.  I thank her every time I look myself in the mirror.   Ivone I am so glad you exist my friend.
 God bless you always.



Marcia Cassab


Ivone was referred to me from a friend who raved about her cellulite massage treatments. I was skeptical at first, but I started seeing her once a week, approximately 3 months before I was to get married on the beach in Brazil. She was the most thoughtful, caring person and really took into account my needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date with current treatments and procedures, and most importantly, honest. I never felt she was trying to sell me anything unnecessary - she just helped me achieve the results I wanted. She is a beautiful person - sweet and caring - and a pleasure to be around. Her cellulite massages are fantastic - I couldn't believe how much of a difference she made. I strongly recommend her to all my friends!"

Laurita Campelo

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