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Face -Dermaroller and Hialuronic acid

Dermaroller creates small holes in the epidermis, it goes into the dermis and there is a secretion of enzymes and naturals substances of the skin. These substances encouragethe production of collagen, elastin, and the remodelling of the skin architecture. 

The advantages of Dermaroller compared with other methods (laser, dermabrasion, peeling etc): It is suitable for all skin types, Short time of return to normal skin function,short downtime, 48 hours, Minimum discomfort after the treatment,. Cost-effective,. No pain,. No side-effects, e.g no skin discolouration, or long term scars. During treatment we infuse hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A and C for further revitilisation of the skin and anti-wrinkle action.

We recommend skin preparation before the application of dermaroller. Medical Peeling or suitable medical creams may be necessary for preparing the skin, particularly in the case of ance and discolourations.


Intense Infrared  facial treatment

As we grow older, our skin takes on wear and tear. This is no more apparent than when it comes to our face. As the years go by, wrinkles set in, elasticity lessens, age spots appear, winkles develop, and dark circles form.

Thankfully, the face of your youth can be restored with our simple, safe, and effective one-of-a-kind Ultrasonic, Far Infrared facial treatment the only treatment that combines the deep cleansing power of ultrasonic treatments and the youth-inducing effects of Far Infrared treatments into one.

Here are just some of the incredible benefits Infrared facial treatments:

Removes oil & bacteria deep with the pores
Painless and effective
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Removes excess water and waste under your skin
Exfoliates dead skin cells
Removes black eye-rings (by improving circulation)
Provides a facial slimming and lift-up look
Unclogs pores and expands capillaries
Eliminates toxins associated with aging and fatigue
Increases enzyme activity and metabolism through mitochondrial stimulation
Promotes breakdown of cellulite, fat, and wastes
Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells resulting in increased skin vitality

Massotherapy and rejuvenating treatment for face

Massotherapy and rejuvenating treatment for face. powerful organic ingredients to Improve skin tone and texture, minimize wrinkles while providing an accelerated dose of nutrients and antioxidants

 Removes dead skin cells.
 Improves circulation.
 Keeps skin healthy with a natural tone and elasticity thus countering the wrinkles and sagging of the face.
 Relax and get that tired expression and to top it rejuvenates the skin.
 lightens dark circles and bags under the eyes.


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